Ska'Hop: A unique bunny prototype created in Unreal Engine 5

by Rachel Lyon  · 
Ska'Hop: A unique bunny prototype created in Unreal Engine 5

Ska'Hop is a game that is currently in development by MortMort, a popular pixel artist, streamer, and Senior Artist at Mojang. MortMort has been sharing updates about the game's development on their blog and social media channels, giving fans a glimpse of what they can expect from this exciting new title.

According to MortMort's website, Ska'Hop is an "action-packed, single-player platformer" that takes place in a "vibrant and magical world." The game's protagonist must navigate through various levels and environments, fighting enemies and solving puzzles along the way.

Did we mention the protagonist is set to be an adorable bunny?

One of the key features of Ska'Hop is its unique movement system, which allows players to bounce, slide, and wall-jump their way through the game's levels. MortMort has also teased that the game will feature "tons of collectibles and secrets to discover," which should keep players coming back for more.

Following along with MortMort's development is a joy as they share fun screenshots and interesting developments they run into! We're excited to see what further updates we will see about Ska'Hop via the blog and Twitter account updates.

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