Haenir Studio showcases "helmet-collision-avoidance" in UE5-made "Blight: Survival"

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Haenir Studio showcases "helmet-collision-avoidance" in UE5-made "Blight: Survival"
"Blight: Survival" by Haenir Studio

Indie game studio Haenir Studio has offered a glimpse into its latest project, "Blight: Survival," a game that plunges players into a grim alternate 14th century overrun by a grotesque plague.

In a recent social media update, the studio showcased an innovative helmet-collision-avoidance system, ensuring a more immersive combat experience.

Accompanying the sneak peek was an early taste of the atmospheric soundtrack, woven by composer Jose Pavli, setting the tone for this harrowing roguelite adventure.

Blight: Survival is framed as a co-operative extraction-lite game, which challenges players to collaborate with up to three allies in a grim fight for survival and purification.

The mission is dire: traverse the no-man’s land caught between battling kingdoms, confront the monstrous consequences of the Blight, and seek out its source for eradication.

The game's lore unfolds within this purgatorial landscape, where the relentless conflict has given rise to a virulent strain of the Blight, fed by the corpses and chaos of unending war.

The stakes are high in Blight: Survival, where players become the last bastion against the encroaching darkness. As society crumbles under the weight of ceaseless conflict, it falls upon the players, hailed as the brave few, to undertake the perilous journey to confront the Blight head-on.

Haenir Studio warns potential players of the game’s mature content, marked by frequent violence and gore, which may render it unsuitable for all audiences and settings.

With its rich blend of historical and fantastical elements, Blight: Survival aims to offer a deeply engaging co-op experience powered by the latest in game development technology with Unreal Engine 5.

Although it has no official release date just yet, you can now wishlist the title on Steam.

And you can keep up with its development on its official website, X account, and YouTube channel.

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