Far Cry 6 will no longer receive any updates

by Danny Craig  · 
Far Cry 6 will no longer receive any updates

Ubisoft has announced that the latest installment in its open-world shooter franchise will no longer receive patches, but its servers will remain functional.

The details:

  • The announcement was made via the franchise's X account, with the publisher thanking fans for playing the 2021 title and confirming that the game's online services will remain active for the foreseeable future. “Thanks to the millions of players who joined the fight!” the statement reads. “Your adventures can continue in Yara w/o interruption of online services however, the dev team will no longer be making updates to Far Cry 6. We appreciate your passion, creativity, & love of Chorizo, even Anton is proud!”

  • The community response to the news appears to be positive, with many understanding that Ubisoft is reportedly working on a sequel, while others were surprised that the move required an announcement given that it hasn't received much content since the release of its last DLC in 2022.

  • According to reports from earlier this year, Ubisoft is developing both the single-player Far Cry 7 and a Far Cry multiplayer extraction shooter set in Alaska's wilderness. The games are thought to be being developed in the Snowdrop engine, which was used for The Division franchise, rather than the Dunia engine used in previous Far Cry releases.

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