Elden Ring mobile title reportedly in the works at Tencent

by Danny Craig  · 
Elden Ring mobile title reportedly in the works at Tencent

It has been claimed that Chinese publisher and developer Tencent is currently working on a mobile game set in the universe of FromSoftware’s Elden Ring after acquiring the license in 2022.

The details:

  • As reported by Reuters, sources familiar with Tencent's plans say the company has been working on a prototype of the mobile game for some time, though development has been "slow."

  • The title is said to be a free-to-play release with in-app purchases, similar to Genshin Impact, which was developed by Tencent's rival, miHoYo. Both FromSoftware and Tencent declined to comment on the project, including questions about potential console and PC ports.

  • Tencent acquired a 16% stake in FromSoftware in August 2022, following the release of Elden Ring months earlier. With Elden Ring being FromSoftware's most successful game to date, it's not surprising that a mobile game is in the works, especially since fans are still waiting patiently for the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion.

  • Tencent has also recently canceled a new mobile Nier game due to issues with its monetization strategy, and given the reportedly slow development of Elden Ring for mobile, it may encounter similar internal issues in the future.

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