Cloud9 aims to change crypto perception in esports with new deal

by Adam Fitch  ·  Updated 
Cloud9 aims to change crypto perception in esports with new deal

North American organization Cloud9 is hoping to change the perception surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The basics: This is the latest in an ever-growing list of collaborations between esports organizations and crypto companies.

  • Cloud9 has partnered with, an exchange platform that has over $1 trillion in transactions since launching in 2011.
  • The multi-year deal has been formed to "create a dialogue around financial literacy and cryptocurrency" in esports.
  • Though financial details haven't been disclosed, the partnership will also be activated by the crypto company's logo being advertised on Cloud9 jerseys and social media profiles.

The landscape: While crypto adoption in esports has been rife in the past year, esports communities are still showing strong hesitance to accept such deals.

  • TSM's headline, 10-year naming sponsorship from FTX is worth $210M.
  • Fnatic is receiving $15M over five years from
  • Beckham-associated Guild Esports recently announced a $6.1M deal with Bitstamp.

The challenge: Even this partnership, which aims to clear up misconceptions and provide education surrounding cryptocurrency, received more negative responses than positive.

  • While 100 Thieves just executed the only blockchain-fueled project to garner a mostly positive reception in esports, progress has been slow.
  • It will take more than detailing the perceived positives of cryptocurrency and NFTs for community perception to change, Cloud9 and will need to tackle topics such as environmental impact head-on.
  • While community adoption may be years away, should it arrive at all, it's clear that crypto companies are providing much-needed revenue for esports organizations. Sponsorship has typically been the largest driver of income for orgs and the crypto sector is contributing a significant chunk of money to many of them.
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