Bungie addresses the Destiny 2 community following recent layoffs

by Danny Craig  · 
Bungie addresses the Destiny 2 community following recent layoffs

Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, has issued a statement following its recent round of layoffs, telling fans that it understands it has "lost a lot of your trust" and will be sharing future plans soon.

The details:

  • Bungie provided an update to fans following the layoffs in a statement posted to the studio's website, stating that it has been "one of the most difficult... in our studio's history." It also admitted that it has "lost a lot of [players'] trust" as a result of recent decisions regarding Destiny 2's current and upcoming content releases, including the recently delayed The Final Shape expansion.

  • Following the recent job losses, the company went on to share some of its future plans, which include creating "an unforgettable Destiny experience" with The Final Shape, with its development team consisting of around 650 employees. It concluded the post by confirming that fans will hear more about upcoming content in the coming weeks, which could be related to rumors of expansion and Marathon delays.

  • Unsurprisingly, fan reaction to the post was largely negative, with many pointing out that Bungie didn't say much different from previous statements, complete with the "we're listening to feedback" and "make things right" cliches, and that few major issues have been addressed since the early days of Destiny.

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