An Unpredictable Horror Simulator Made with UE5: "Don't Scream" Brings a Unique Challenge to Gaming

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An Unpredictable Horror Simulator Made with UE5: "Don't Scream" Brings a Unique Challenge to Gaming
"Don't Scream" by Joure & Joe

Indie developer duo Joure & Joe have unveiled "Don't Scream", a novel short horror experience available on Steam Early Access.

Using Unreal Engine 5, the game requires players to explore a mysterious forest, with the challenge being to complete the 18-minute journey without screaming. The twist? Time only progresses when the player moves, forcing them to confront unexpected scares and creepy ambiance at their own pace.

With no storyline and a primary objective of avoiding screams, "Don't Scream" is promoted as an ideal scare simulator for friends and family.

"Don't Scream" by Joure & Joe

The game features unique mechanics that leverage modern technology to enhance the horror experience.

Players must calibrate their microphones in-game, ensuring that any form of audible distress, from a minor squeak to a full-blown scream, is detected and results in an immediate restart. The developers have included a variety of dynamic scares, ensuring each playthrough brings new frights.

It is important to note that a microphone is required to play this game, and players are encouraged to challenge their nerves, as well as their voice control.

"Don't Scream" by Joure & Joe

The developers have crafted "Don't Scream" with an emphasis on simplicity and accessibility, claiming it is easy enough for anyone to play, even your mom. But the challenge lies in maintaining composure and voice control in the face of terror.

With a warning that they accept no responsibility for any underwear that may become unusable during gameplay, Joure & Joe are confident that "Don't Scream" will leave an indelible mark on the horror gaming landscape.

If you're feeling brave, here's the most recent trailer:

And if you're feeling really brave, you can get early access to the experience on Steam.

Just. Don't. Scream.

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