A Tokyo-based 3D artist has simulated sticky rice beautifully using Cinema 4D and Redshift

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A Tokyo-based 3D artist has simulated sticky rice beautifully using Cinema 4D and Redshift
"Simulated Sticky Rice" by Hirokazu Yokohara

Renowned Tokyo-based 3D artist and director Hirokazu Yokohara has recently showcased their expertise in digital simulation with a unique project: a realistic computer-generated (CG) video of someone loosening cold sticky rice with a spoon.

Utilizing Cinema 4D and Redshift, Yokohara captured the subtle, tactile qualities of the rice, demonstrating meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of texture and movement in digital animation.

This project, while simple in concept, highlights the potential of CG to replicate intricate real-world experiences, while also making us feel a real hankering for sticky rice...

In another recent project, Yokohara explored the capabilities of Diver-X's Contact Glove, integrating it with live streaming in MotionBuilder.

After installing a plugin for live streaming, they successfully tested the glove's functionality, showcasing its seamless integration with the software without any plugin issues.

This experiment underscores Yokohara's continuous exploration of new technologies in the realm of 3D animation and virtual reality, blending hardware innovation with software proficiency.

Yokohara's third recent project involved the generation of a video by inputting an illustration-style background image into GEN-2 software.

They experimented with setting the movement amount to its maximum, achieving a dynamic yet harmonious interaction between the image and the camera motion.

This endeavor reflects Yokohara's expertise in a variety of software tools, including Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya, and Unreal Engine, which they have mastered as an artist and co-founder at khaki.inc since April 2016.

You can see more of Yokohara's stunning work on their ArtStation page.

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