A flooded medieval town in Unreal Engine 5

by Rachel Lyon  · 
A flooded medieval town in Unreal Engine 5

German 3D Environment Artist and Think Tank student, Christoph Lechler, has captured a stunning image of a 'Flooded Medieval Town'. They have received The Rookies Editor's Choice awards for several of their previous projects including, 'Modular Mansion', 'SciFi Terminal', and 'Hover Bridge'.

This project was developed by Lechler as part of their mentorship project at the Think Tank Training Centre, showcasing their ability to transform an initial concept into a fully immersive and game-ready environment in just 14 weeks.

The houses in the artwork were constructed using a modular building kit, employing industry-standard software like Maya and ZBrush for modeling and sculpting. To bring the textures and materials to life, Lechler utilized the power of Substance Designer and Painter. Additionally, the inclusion of realistic trees was achieved through the integration of either Quixel Megascans or SpeedTree, further enhancing the authenticity of the scene.

Christoph Lechler

Lechler's profound passion for 3D environment art is evident in their exceptional skills in world-building, set dressing, modeling, and texturing. Their diverse range of talents can be explored and appreciated through their impressive portfolio on ArtStation.

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