This is a full time, salaried leadership position and opportunity to work in the world of esports and virtual reality. Be ready to level up the organization and VR esports worldwide!

In this role we are looking specifically for someone who can lead a sales and business development team. This is a startup role for a venture capital backed company with potential for growth.

This position will be working directly with game developers to work on tournament and marketing services on social media such as TikTok.

Familiarity with gaming, esports, and platforms like twitch, YouTube, and TikTok are necessary.

Some equity in the company is also part of the offer package. We are interested in those who have strong business development skills. We want to talk to those who are passionate and interested in gaming!

Compensation is 50k base with a 30k OTE commission.


Candidates must have:

  • A background and understanding in business development or sales, preferably in a software or tech background.
  • A demonstrated interest in gaming and an understanding of gamers as a target market.
  • At least one year of prior experience with a quota carrying sales or business development role.
  • Preference for those who understand social media well
  • Preference for those with a background in the gaming industry.
  • A heart for team dynamics.

About the Virtual Athletics League

The Virtual Athletics League is an esports operator and works with content creators on platforms like TikTok. (VAL) is an early stage venture capital backed startup with the same network of investors who backed Tesla, Hotmail, and Skype. We have done a number of VR esports tournaments globally including high profile titles like Battlewake, Space Junkies, and Tower Tag. Previously we have worked with Ubisoft, Beat Saber and Facebook for officially sponsored events.

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