As a member of the Steam Business team, you are responsible for running Steam. Along with the rest of the team, the work you do will directly impact millions of players worldwide, and will ensure that Steam remains the best place for our partners to sell their games and for customers to buy and play them!

This role is a blend of business development, platform feature advocate, marketing director, and producer. You'll collaborate with teams at Valve and partners around the world to publish and market content, ship Steam features, and build events and promotions.

Like any job at Valve, people on our team shift from project to project, filling different niches depending on their areas of expertise and interest. Some folks on the team are crafting our seasonal sales events, while others ramp up our PC cafe program, run data analysis on the impact of new platform features, or design and build new features with our dev team. Because we work at the intersection of platform, partners, and customers, there's a constant flow of exciting and impactful work to take on!


  • Onboarding new partners and maintaining existing relationships, supporting and familiarizing partners with Steam tools and features
  • Evangelizing the Steam platform's opportunities, events, and features with existing and prospective partners
  • Developing and marketing weekly and annual sale events and other product promotions
  • Working with partners and internal groups to design and launch new Steam features, tools and initiatives


  • You excel when working independently and without management, and at collaborating with others as part of a team
  • You have a demonstrated ability to seek out exciting new projects and shepherd them from inception to release, but you're equally happy to take part in the day-to-day work of running our platform and storefront
  • Significant experience working with external partners and end-users, preferably from a digital platform and technical angle
  • Games industry knowledge is a must, and while games industry experience is very helpful, it is not a requirement