As an environment artist at Valve, you will join a world-class group of software engineers, artists, writers, animators, and designers who are continually building and releasing entertainment experiences to players around the globe. We're hoping to add your expertise in modeling and texturing architectural elements, organic spaces, props and foliage to our team!

Valve is an entertainment and technology company driven to design and deliver extraordinary entertainment experiences to customers. We hire people with broad skills who also exhibit deep expertise, who can describe their process maturely and succinctly. Environment artists at Valve contribute in many aspects of development: we model, texture, light and compose scenes that tell stories and delight players. We collaborate with animators and game designers to build worlds alive with personality and history. We work with programmers to improve our proprietary tools, maximize efficiency of our workflow and ensure the art we build is performant.

Do you prefer to collaborate with peers to define the work that you pursue, rather than simply follow a vision that's been set for you? If you're seeking an opportunity to work on genre-defining games with other outstanding artists, consider joining Valve. We can't wait to see where you'll take us!


Please provide a portfolio of work which demonstrates:

  • High-level modeling experience in games or films
  • High-resolution props and hard surface models in ZBrush, 3D Coat, Modo, Blender or similar software
  • Clean, low-resolution game topology and UV's
  • High-quality textures for PBR workflows
  • Scene composition with a focus on mood and storytelling
  • An understanding of architecture as well as transportation and/or industrial design
  • Versatility across different art styles and genres
  • Pride in and personal ownership of your work
  • Drawing, sculpting, and other traditional art skills is a plus
  • Production experience with Substance Painter/Designer or Quixel Suite is also a plus

Sorry, we do not accept student portfolios.