Established in 2008, Ubisoft Chengdu is one of the key game studios in western China and a full-fledged production center, with over 320 talents contributing to Ubisoft’s line-up. We have a strong track record of co-development on Ubisoft’s biggest brands such as Assassin’s Creed®, Skull and Bones™ and For Honor®, as well as developing casual games such as Rabbids party game and bringing hit titles to Switch.

Meanwhile, we are also a pioneer in cutting-edge technology driving Ubisoft’s “games as a service (GAAS)” ethos. Chengdu’s technology team develops products that empower production teams to make educated, data-driven decisions on hit Ubisoft brands.

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Job Description

Working closely with the Art Director, Designers, and 3D Modelling team, participating in the shaping and development of the Level-Art and Level-Design, by following the project artistic style and technical restrictions.

Job Responsibilities

  • Generate a multitude of ideas, and sketch convincing environments, and props.
  • Create expressive concept art, on par with the quality of the concept art created for the major Ubisoft titles; yet also have the ability to work loosely with line drawings, and basic colour render, to rapidly and efficiently convey an idea.
  • Research and collect visual material to help define the visual style, and contents of the game.
  • Work closely with Design to consider the gameplay implications, and the overall player experience.
  • Work closely to assist the 3D Lead, and Level Artists, to help define and visualise the details within a level.



  • Good illustration and storytelling skills, with an eye for perspective, colour, lighting, mood and composition.
  • Good sense of form, shape, silhouette, scale and surface materials.
  • Adept at understanding a high fantasy Art Direction, to then create new pieces, which fit cohesively with the level.
  • Able to work in a fast paced environment, working with individuals on the Design and Level-Art team, to help shape the levels.
  • Very good communication skills, teamwork oriented, and pro-active attitude, is essential.
  • Must have the initiative and agility, to adapt the work, to efficiently deliver to requirements. Ranging from line sketches, paint-over, basic colour render, or full render, where appropriate.
  • Strong use of research and reference material, in support of idea generation, and problem solving.
  • Basic knowledge of 3D software packages, and experience employing 3D techniques into a concept workflow, is an advantage.
  • Good awareness of 3D art pipelines, and technical constraints related to different game engines, is an advantage.
  • Good English communication skills, is an advantage.

Relevant Experience

  • Solid experience in Art or any other relevant experience
  • Shipped at least 1 - 2 games as a concept artist.
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