As a Senior Level Designer you will be responsible for creating attractive gameplay and an engaging story for the player to experience.

Your daily tasks:

  • designing, building locations, scripting, iterating and optimizing levels / quests in the open world game,
  • co–creating and then forging assumptions and the project vision into a playable environment which the player moves around in,
  • close co–operation with a group of specialists from different fields – art, programming, design, audio, animation, etc.

You meet our expectations if you:

  • have experience in creating games (at least 5 years of experience or one published AAA project) as a Level Designer / Senior Level Designer,
  • are able to design and create a game environment that is engaging and understandable to the player, will provide a diverse playthrough and will be attractive and aesthetically believable,
  • feel comfortable in any editor, regardless of it being Unity, Unreal, RedKit, Cryengine, RoadHog, or Techland's proprietary DevTools,
  • perfectly understand how to solve a problem when you hear that "through the indirect leading of the player, we have to make them end up in point X",
  • want to see the effects of your work to come to life in the game world and make Level Artists grind their teeth,
  • have a sense of what will play well and what will be frustrating,
  • want to develop our technology and engine in terms of Level Design (yes, yes, we're constantly working on it),
  • are creative, like to work with people and are able to lead to a common goal,
  • like to share your knowledge, exchange experiences and think out of the box,
  • speak English fluently.

Nice to have:

  • knowledge of architecture,
  • artistic skills (drawing, painting, modelling, etc.).