Omnidrone is a rapidly-growing start-up partnered with top US publisher Scopely to make the next generation of hit mobile games. Based in the heart of Barcelona with the Mediterranean and the Sagrada Familia on either side, Omnidrone is bringing together the best and brightest game makers in the world to create unforgettable player experiences.

We are looking for passionate and talented developers who are motivated, results-oriented and strong team players with a common objective of developing and delivering high quality products.


Omnidrone is looking for a motivated server engineer who has a passion for learning and has a strong interest for the gaming industry. In this role, you will add scalable game features that can support millions of users

What you will do

  • Design, develop and deploy server-side features and APIs for Omnidrone's games.
  • Implement services that often generate significant revenue impact for the company. Examples include matchmaking, tournaments, in-app purchasing conduits, etc
  • Ensure that Omnidrone's games and services maintain high uptime (“three nines”) and low latency (sub 100 and sub 50 millisecond latency).
  • Build modern systems on AWS using: Redis, DynamoDB, AutoScaling, ElasticSearch, etc.
  • Improving build and deployment pipelines with tools like Spinnaker and Github actions
  • API and web development with .Net core and Blazor

What you need

  • Experience designing and building reliable and fault tolerant systems
  • Good knowledge of C# (or Java)
  • Strong knowledge of application design best patterns and practices; understanding of maintainability concerns when designing and implementing applications
  • Deep knowledge of asynchronous, multi-threaded, parallel programming paradigms and other similar techniques to improve application throughput
  • Real, hands-on experience building massively scalable server side systems that are easy to understand and maintain.
  • Have worked with, and have a strong understanding, of AWS or other major cloud provider.
  • Understanding and working knowledge of different database technologies (both relational and NoSQL), caching solutions, and queue technologies.