UI Art Director

Gearbox Software is on the lookout for a talented UI Art Director to join our ranks and continue to push the envelope in UI presentation!

The UI Art Director will be responsible for defining the aesthetic direction of all UI elements & presentation – crafting an exciting and unique identity for the ingame interface and menus.

This will entail leading and guiding the UI Art team, working alongside both the projects Art Director and Creative Director for aesthetics and game design, always seeking balance between interactivity and visual flourish.


  • Aesthetically establish the UI vision & identity
  • Pioneer and define an exciting visual foundation for a competitive UI
  • Maintain high aesthetic standards while understanding UI flow, visual storytelling, and UI functionality to successfully balance form vs. function
  • Provide concepts, style guides, paint overs, and supporting documentation as required for clear high level visual direction & vision
  • Motivate, mentor, supervise and support team of UI artists & UI designers with clear and consistent direction
  • Assist in maintaining milestone and general UI art schedules with production team
  • Responsible for quality of all milestone & deliverables as they relate to the UI Art department

Skills Required:

  • Proven foundation in Graphic Design and Typography
  • Demonstrate a high level of unique creativity and originality when it comes to UI aesthetics
  • Able to grasp the challenges that exist between crafting a functionally strong interactive UI experience vs. a visually impressive presentation and the give and take that is part of that puzzle
  • Can balance being creator of the vision vs. the curator; supporting consensus from a talented team of game makers and previously established visual goals
  • Come equipped with an understanding of bleeding edge art techniques
  • Excellent communicator and team player - here at Gearbox we thrive on collaboration and working together to meet our project artistic goals
  • Be able to relocate to Frisco, Texas area to join the Gearbox team


  • A proven ability to express your ideas and vision visually in an inspirational and exciting fashion
  • Strong background in visual arts, with a solid understanding of 2D and 3D design principles
  • Previous work on triple-A projects
  • Unreal 4 experience a plus
  • Motion Design experience a plus