Lighting Artist


  • Work with Level Artists, Level Designers and Mission Designers to create lighting for all game environments.
  • Work with Cinematics to create lighting for cinematic moments, both real-time and pre-rendered.
  • Balance needs of Story, Style and Design in lighting implementation.
  • Work with Technical Artists to develop tools and assets for lighting.
  • Manage performance and memory among multiple platforms using available tools.
  • Solve both creative and technical problems with new tools and techniques.
  • Provide feedback and collaborate with Level Artists on scene composition as it relates to lighting.
  • Audit content to verify proper PBR ranges and values to maintain consistent visual fidelity
  • Verify quality of lightmaps and content that affects the lighting pipeline.


  • Solid understanding of lighting and scene composition
  • Working knowledge of Unreal Engine 4.
  • Understanding and experience with Physical Based Rendering.
  • 3+ Years of industry experience related to lighting, or clear demonstrable ability in affiliated roles such as Environment/Level Art or World Building.
  • Great organization and communication skills.
  • Self motivated and driven by personal passion for your craft.
  • Desire to learn and understand the latest and greatest technology and techniques.
  • Bachelors degree or equivilant in Game Design, Lighting, Environment Art, or VFX

Additional Skills:

  • Experience and knowledge of the HDR pipeline.
  • Knowledge of photography principals and image correction techniques.
  • Previous experience in Level and or Environment Art.