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Daybreak Games

Character Technical Artist - Unannounced Project

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Daybreak Games
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Austin, TX

Dimensional Ink Games is building teams as diverse as our ideas.


  • An eye for detail;
    • Appreciates the art of good skin weighting
    • Polishing animations
  • Passion for stylized proportions
  • Develop visual solutions for an unannounced, stylized (NPR) game
  • Collaborate with Sr. Tech Artist to build a forward thinking art pipeline
  • Support artists with tools and tech solutions
  • Learn new cutting edge tools and engines

Leader In Craft

  • Character Creator experience is a huge +
  • Pipeline: Importing, tagging classifying gear and characters
  • Modern Tools/Techniques: quickly learns new tools (Houdini, 3D coat, Substance etc.)
  • Engine: experience Unreal 4
  • Characters: working knowledge of rigging and character animation tools in Maya including skeletons, skinning/deformers, constraints and FK/IK
  • Tools: Tool creation & scripting (MEL, Python, HLSL shaders etc.)
  • Delivering on Art Direction: Excited and capable of NPR looks (painterly, cell shaded etc)
  • Bonus: Knowledge of C++, C#, the Maya API
  • End result: Must be able to pull all the above into a compelling end result that enhances game for players in an immersive experience.


  • Innovative Ownership: Be an owner, build owners
    We know that to succeed means to fail but fail wisely and come back better. Don’t do something just because it’s always been done that way. Be open to learning from all sources and be willing to teach all. Work smart and pursue your craft with passion.
  • Empathy: Walk in their shoes
    We take the time to see from the perspectives of our team members and our players. We care deeply, behave positively, and communicate candidly. Emotional intelligence allows our team to act with respect and appreciate each another (and ourselves).
  • Collaboration: See the best idea, not have the best idea
    We are better together than by ourselves, so we know that a great idea can come from anywhere. We are committed to hiring the best-fitting team members who amplify our craftsmanship and inspire us all to grow.
  • Honesty/Humility: Integrity matters
    We have the self-reflection to hold ourselves accountable and support those who also hold themselves accountable. Be transparent to build trust and a team that is empowered to be bold and authentic. We trust our team members and their feedback.