BLITZ is focused on creating desktop applications and websites for different games (see, out on a mission to helping players learn and improve their skills. Currently, our major products are focused around the popular MOBA, League of Legends, and the celebrated FPS, Valorant, but various other titles are in-flight with plans for more. Our applications aim to make gamers better players by providing them with statistics-based insight into the current state of the game, tracking personal progress, and providing real-time analysis and scouting of enemy teams.

We are seeking a highly experienced and highly engaged Product Lead to manage day-to-day oversight for all IP’s currently offered and in-flight. The Product Lead will be responsible for working with IP Product Managers on creating and maintaining high integrity commitments and key roadmap deliverables, clearly communicating the status of all development efforts to the VP of Product and serving as people manager for a growing team of Game Product Managers.

As the first product, middle management hire for this quickly growing startup, the opportunity to drive considerable impact in AI powered game coaching is significant. The Product Lead will be expected to drive scalable value through the application and implementation of a new centralized development framework which will serve as the value creation engine for all Blitz Game Pods. This will require coordination and alignment from multiple PdM’s across different game genres as well as with leadership and key stakeholders outside of the Game Teams.

Candidates must be comfortable working in a startup, with the challenges (and opportunities) that entails.

What you will do...

  • Work with all Pods within the various Game Teams and leadership to refine and implement the new IP value development framework.
  • Manage Product Managers in all Game Team Pods, acting as the point of escalation for resource allocation and requirements as well as serve as a domain expert, providing guidance to your team as issues present themselves.
  • Synthesize and report all development activity to product leadership.
  • Assist in the creation and execution of all Game Team roadmaps in line with leadership expectations and establishment of new OKR’s.
  • Provide guidance to all Product Managers to ensure that processes and frameworks are adhered to and that scalable value creation is prioritized using a data-driven narrative.


RequirementsWhat it Takes to be Successful...

  • 10+ years of product management with +5 years of experience in senior levels of product leadership, holding strategic and tactical responsibilities for shipping widely used web-based products.
  • A master of soft skills, able to lead through influence and not mandate.
  • Insight into the gaming audience and mastery of the product craft, able to deliver exceptional business results from an array of various stakeholders.
  • A love of organization, process, and frameworks is a must, in fact, it should be one of your superpowers.
  • A deep and demonstratable knowledge of the gaming industry is a must. Although you won’t be expected to be the SME in all games you oversee, you must know enough across multiple genres to earn respect from your product managers.

Additional skills we would love you to have...

  • Experience working with teams in a variety of sizes and maturity
  • Experience working in gaming or esports, or a passion for playing online video games
  • Experience being a core product owner and visionary
  • Suite of process best practices applicable to product delivery at scale
  • Ability to build Product features around monetization models
  • Knowledge of design tools such as Sketch or Figma, or ability to prototype or wireframe to express ideas