This job listing expired on Apr 18, 2024

Spraying graffiti didn’t get you famous? Selling NFTs didn’t make you rich? Yet you still want to continue in the creative field? Cool - your determination demands respect. Keep reading.

Job Description

At Black Soup, we spend our day to day concocting creator marketing campaigns for the gaming industry. Should you wish to join our league, then being an avid gamer is more than a prerequisite. If we don’t smell your gamer instinct on you, I’m afraid this won’t work out.

Now to the job itself. We’re looking for an all-round - or slim - creative, with skills ranging from graphic design to video editing and everywhere in between.

Whether that’s by designing assets for our campaigns, pimping our pitch decks or creating slick showreels, you'll be the artistic powerhouse driving our visual presence forward. But there’s more. Your job doesn’t end behind the desk. We also need you behind the lens, supporting our creative campaign team with video recording and editing.

In short, we need someone who can make us look good both in freeze frame as well as in full motion. Easy, right?

So, if that someone is you, then:

  • You swap between Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro as if you have Sleight of Hand equipped.

  • You have a portfolio that showcases your diverse range of design skills.

  • You create custom wallpapers for your favorite games.

  • You have an eye for detail sharper than any tool in the shed.

  • You are based in Berlin.

  • You can juggle multiple projects without breaking a sweat.

Did you appreciate that last rhyme? Then, we want you on our team!

In return for pledging your undying allegiance to Black Soup, we offer you:

  • The opportunity to work remotely, unlocking the freedom to design from wherever inspires you.

  • The option to work part or full-time so you can fully go wild creatively.

  • A vibrant and inclusive team culture where your voice is heard and your ideas are celebrated.

  • The chance to shape the visual identity of a growing brand and make a real impact.

Done reading? Time for action. Send your portfolio, resume, and a brief introduction to the email address below.