We are ARVORE, a startup in the virtual reality content creation scene.

Based out of Los Angeles and São Paulo, our studio creates, designs, produces and develops world-class interactive experiences and games for all current and future high-end immersive platforms, including virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

ARVORE is looking to hire a technically adept, creative individual to complement our team. You will have the opportunity to work on innovative immersive and narrative-driven XR experiences, iterating and prototyping with a high level of creative freedom and with the opportunity to guide the direction of some of these endeavours.

Our process emphasizes teamwork, agility and multidisciplinarity. We are looking for a passionate and self-motivated person with a positive attitude and a genuine team player, who likes to share knowledge and is open to learn from others. We embrace problem solvers, those who aren't afraid to experiment and fail and are ready to create something new.

  • You will have the opportunity to work in a highly innovative and state-of-the-art environment, and transform the way people communicate and tell stories
  • We are at a sufficiently early-stage level that you can meaningfully contribute, but at a nicely established situation, where our largest chances to fail are behind us


Work to continuously improve the technology that enables the whole company to integrate its workflows and tools, from the back-office to the development and frontend.

Keep in mind that despite the main objective to automate everything, you should be ready to promptly respond to any issue that the automation could not handle.


  • Coordinate the web services development and helpdesk maintenance teams.
  • Guide and help the infrastructure development to reach better architectural solutions;
  • Get involved and propose novel ways to improve the company workflows;
  • Keep the office IT physical infrastructure, as well as the cloud services running;
  • Keep the systems and services monitored to catch problems as early as possible;
  • Be prepared to streamline the maintenance on systems and hardware failures;
  • Keep the environment secure and free of cyber threats, while keeping easy to use;
  • Do all the IT steps of the onboarding and offboarding of team members;
  • Estimate and keep track of the IT infrastructure budget.


  • Knowledge of python, javascript / node.js and bash script
  • Familiarity with the setup and administration of Windows and Linux systems
  • Ability to set up and diagnose IP networks
  • Experience with AWS cloud services
  • Knowledge of cloud orchestration frameworks
  • Maintain continuous integration and deployment tools
  • Knowledge of monitoring, backup and failover solutions
  • Experience with Agile Development and prototyping and iterating solutions
  • Fluent in English (reading, writing, and speaking)


  • Some knowledge about the Unity engine
  • Knowledge about game build and test workflows
  • Basic knowledge of ruby or perl
  • Be familiar with Google G Suite, Monday, Slack and Github, usage, administration and APIs
  • Previous knowledge or experience with VR and AR content is desirable.
  • A passion for Games, Movies, TV, Art, Animation, Electronics, RPGs, Theater and narrative experiences would be a great plus.
  • Experience with game development.
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