• Participates in the development of mobile game projects based on Activision's self-developed engine and be responsible for tasks related to mobile platform features development, optimization, debugging and deployment.

  • A professional individual contributor that writes and debugs code. Has in depth expertise.

  • Provides technical solutions and delivers clear, tested and efficient code for various elements of the game.

  • Anticipates, identifies and articulates problem areas and develops preventative solutions.

  • Has a clear vision of how products should function and the ability to lead peers to share this vision.

  • Supports content creators in their work.

  • Mentors less experienced members of the team.

  • Solves complex problems in resourceful and effective ways.


  • Spearheaded design and implementation of several architectural systems.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in C/C++.

  • Familiarity with Objective C/Swift, iOS SDK, XCode.

  • Familiarity with Android API, NDK, Android Studio.

  • Experience in implementing end-to-end features using native approaches.

  • Strong 3D math background.

  • Thorough understanding of common data structures and algorithmic solutions.

  • Expert in several of the following areas: graphics and animation techniques, interface design practices, effects, test engineer, AI, online, physics, rendering, vehicle, portability, extensibility, and testability.

  • Thorough knowledge of software design practices including modular architecture, event-driven architecture, software design patterns and object-oriented design.

  • Ability to work with internal and externally developed code.

  • Ability to write clean, readable, portable, reliable, and optimized code.

  • A strong passion for PC/Mobile games.

  • >=5 years of development experience in the game industry.


  • Strong problem solving and trouble-shooting skills.

  • Imagines, envisions, and devises new approaches, concepts, models, designs and processes.

  • Leadership and mentoring skills.

  • Communicates effectively with the development team.

  • Good English verbal and written communication skills.

  • Continuous learner.

  • Ability to adapt to change.

  • Strong organizational skills.

  • Strong interpersonal skills.