What does "sweaty" mean in gaming? Explained


What does sweaty mean in gaming?

If a player refers to someone as ‘sweaty’ or a ‘sweat’, they’re saying that person is playing too seriously or trying too hard to win. A similar, interchangeable term is a ‘try-hard’.

We know it sounds weird to be criticized for trying in an online game, so we’ll explain how this word is used in the gaming community.

What is a sweaty play?

You might get called a sweat in an online lobby for any of the following:

  • Squaring the ball in a one-on-one in FIFA.
  • Camping in an FPS.
  • Not engaging an opponent in a knife fight even if they’re clearly about to lose.
  • Using any weapons, tactics, or characters that are seen as OP.

Can you spot a 'sweat' just by looking at them?

Sweaty players may be identified by certain skins or camos typically associated with try-hards, as they may offer a competitive advantage or are worn by pro players. Examples of this include the 'Gaia' (Groot) operator in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III or the 'Aura' Fortnite skin.

The pre-nerf LA Thieves CDL skin in Modern Warfare II was notoriously used by more competitive players as its dark color could give an advantage.

Is being sweaty bad?

Being sweaty isn’t necessarily bad — in fact, it can actually be a good thing if you’re playing competitively. The kind of traits often win games.

In terms of community sentiment, a lot of players look down on anyone being too competitive, especially in casual modes. If you’re playing a fun game mode with friends and you’ve all agreed to use a jokey weapon, and yet you come equipped with your best-in-slot gear, then you’re probably being a sweat in the bad way.

Why use the word ‘sweaty’, though?

When a player is focusing extremely hard on a competitive game, their palms and face might begin to sweat. People use this word as an insult, then, to imply that another player is taking the situation too seriously.