Generative AI Tool Lets Developers Texture Any 3D model with a Prompt

by Danny Craig  · 
Generative AI Tool Lets Developers Texture Any 3D model with a Prompt

X user @GabRoXR has shared a video demonstrating Meshy's impressive AI generation tool, which allows users to fully texture 3D models in seconds without the need for UV mapping. The video shows the creation of assets, which are then ported to Meshy and textured by AI using a series of descriptive keywords for the object's style, such as "old" and "realistic.”

Users can also enter an optional set of keywords to tell Meshy which textures to avoid for a more accurate result. Those looking to create a weathered object, for example, can add "shiny" and "polished" to the negative prompts section to ensure the AI produces the ideal style of texture.

Those interested in giving Meshy a shot will need to either register on its website with an email and password in order to use the web app or join its official Discord server, where members can then use a command to be taken directly to the app via a bot.

Although some of its output is bound to be rough, it's certainly impressive and could be polished in another piece of software or used in the early stages of modeling for those looking to get a general idea of how an object might look in a game or art project. Given how far AI has progressed over the last decade, there's no doubt that Meshy and other AI software will be able to produce even more impressive results in the future.

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