Take-Two CEO says Red Dead Redemption’s $50 price tag for Switch and PS4 is "commercially accurate"

by Danny Craig  · 
Take-Two CEO says Red Dead Redemption’s $50 price tag for Switch and PS4 is "commercially accurate"
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Despite widespread criticism for the announcement of a Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 port of 2010's Red Dead Redemption, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick insists that the game's pricing is "commercially accurate" for the content being sold.

The details:

  • Rockstar announced earlier this week that Red Dead Redemption would be re-released on the Switch and PS4, making the original title available on all modern consoles. It was met with criticism from fans, with many labeling the port a "cash grab" for its $50 price tag, which was the game's original launch price back in 2010, as the game appears to have received very few upgrades this time around.
  • Speaking with IGN, Zelnick was asked why the game was given that price tag when Xbox owners can buy a copy of the Xbox 360 Game of the Year edition for a fraction of the price, which can then be played in 4K on the Xbox One and Series X/S. According to the CEO, the price point is simply what the publisher believes to be the "commercially accurate price for it.”
  • Hannah Sage, Take-Two's EVP of Finance, also chimed in, pointing out that the port does include Undead Nightmare, which Zelnick described as a "great standalone game in its own right when it was originally released, so we feel like it's a great bundle for the first time, and certainly great value for consumers.”
  • IGN also inquired about the possibility of a PC port, to which Zelnick simply stated that he "leaves game release announcements up to the developers." The game has yet to be released on PC, with fans hoping that it will eventually make its way onto the platform natively, with some opting to emulate the Xbox 360 version instead.

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