Mario’s new voice actor may have been revealed in a leak

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Mario’s new voice actor may have been revealed in a leak

Update 10/13: In a statement to IGN, Wingert's agent could not confirm or deny the actor's involvement in the project but could confirm that "he is NOT voicing Mario."

An alleged datamine of the Super Mario Bros. Wonder demo may have revealed the game's cast, including the new Mario voice actor.

The details:

  • A new list supposedly containing the names of its voice-acting cast surfaced on 4chan before spreading to other sites such as X and ResetEra. The user in question is said to have gained access to the demo intended for retail kiosks and then modified it to gain access to previously inaccessible content, complete with images to back up the claim, but they refuse to share the demo itself.
  • Although the list does not explicitly state who will voice Mario, Famiboards user MondoMega has taken the time to compile the list and possible roles to narrow it down to a couple of names. If Mario is not voiced by a returning, female, or non-English speaking actor, the two names remaining on the list are Kevin Afghani and Mick Wingert.
  • Afghani is best known for his role as Arnold in Genshin Impact, which has prompted fans to compare him to the talking flowers in Super Mario Wonder. This leaves Wingert, who has voiced Tony Stark in Marvel cartoons as well as characters in Genshin Impact, World of Warcraft, and Fire Emblem Heroes. With Wingert's extensive experience in the industry and previous work with Nintendo, all signs point to him as Mario's new voice actor.
  • Charles Martinet, the original voice actor for Mario, retired from acting in Nintendo games in August to become the "Mario Ambassador" after decades as the character. Despite stating that he had no idea what he'd be doing in his new position, he made it clear that he had not completely retired from working.

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