Leap through shadows in "SCHiM," an indie platformer from solo developer Ewoud van der Werf

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Leap through shadows in "SCHiM," an indie platformer from solo developer Ewoud van der Werf
"SCHiM" by Edwoud van der Werf

Dutch indie developer Ewoud van der Werf has shared a new look at "SCHiM," a game that introduces a fresh take on 3D platforming by tasking players with a unique challenge: leaping from shadow to shadow.

This innovative mechanic forms the core of a lively environment filled with animated shadows that serve as platforms, set within a beautiful and abstract world.

SCHiM is not just a game—it's a quest to reunite a "schim," the soul of a living being, with its human counterpart after an unexpected separation.

The concept of SCHiM revolves around the idea that every object and being has a 'schim,' a spirit that should never be parted from its counterpart.

However, the player's schim has been detached from its human and is on a ticking clock to find its way back before it's too late.

Each level in the game is designed with its own distinct scenery and embedded with small, intricate stories, making the gameplay a visually rich experience with a narrative depth.

Initially conceived as an exam project in February 2020, SCHiM has evolved significantly from its early prototype. Ewoud pitched the shadow-platforming concept during his exam period at Indie Game Studio Extra Nice, which led to the development of SCHiM's first iteration.

After garnering attention on social media and attracting potential publishers, the game's scope expanded from a brief demo to a fully realized title. Post-exam, Ewoud, with a top grade in hand, partnered with Extra Nice to further develop SCHiM, which took home the "Indie Launchpad" award at Insomnia71 in Birmingham, England last month.

The game is slated to be available across multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4 and PS5, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux, broadening its reach to a diverse gaming audience.

Indeed, SCHiM can be wishlisted on Steam now. Additionally, Ewoud can be found on his personal website, X, and YouTube, if you want to keep up with the title's development.

It's definitely one of the most unique game concepts we've seen in a while!

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