Impressive Rain Generator Created using Blender

by Hitmarker  · 
Impressive Rain Generator Created using Blender
Stefan (X:@TheStef1309)

Stefan, a 3D artist, recently garnered attention in the Blender community by sharing a captivating demonstration of his rain generator creation. Drawing inspiration from the Flip Fluids add-on available for Blender, Stefan presented a video where he delved into the innovative concept of utilizing geometry nodes to spawn realistic rain droplets.

The Flip Fluids add-on itself is renowned for its prowess in enabling artists to craft high-quality fluid effects within the Blender environment. Functioning as a potent liquid simulation tool, the add-on empowers users to seamlessly set up, execute, and render intricate liquid simulation effects directly within Blender.

The foundation of this add-on lies in the FLIP simulation technique, a widely recognized approach utilized in various professional liquid simulation applications. Since its inception in 2016, the FLIP Fluids engine has undergone continuous development, with a strong emphasis on seamless integration with Blender as an add-on, effectively making it feel like a native component of the software.

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