Hyper-realistic human head rig using 3D Scan Store-to-MetaHuman (Unreal Engine) pipeline

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Hyper-realistic human head rig using 3D Scan Store-to-MetaHuman (Unreal Engine) pipeline
Ten24 (3D Scan Store)

Ten24, a 3D Artist and Designer from Sheffield, England, known for developing the popular asset library 3D Scan Store, has made significant strides in creating a photorealistic human head rig.

Utilizing a pipeline that integrates scans from the 3D Scan Store with MetaHuman, a digital human creation tool, Ten24 has achieved a new level of realism in 3D character design.

A demonstration shared on X on November 2 showcased the effectiveness of this approach, where realistic textures and accurate normal maps, true to the shape of the face, significantly enhance the character's appearance.

Responding to inquiries on the social media platform, Ten24 clarified that no blend shapes were used in this process. Instead, the rig relies solely on the MetaHuman rig and textures derived from a scan store scan. The synergy of these two technologies has yielded impressive results.

The artist also mentioned that the setup involves the MetaHuman shader with a few additional maps, but nothing overly complex. This innovation represents a notable advancement in the field of 3D character modeling, making it possible to achieve high-fidelity results more efficiently.

"3D Scan Store-to-MetaHuman Pipeline" by Ten24

The original scan employed in this project is the "HD Male 3D Head Model 19" from the 3D Scan Store, created using a dedicated 120-camera head scanning rig.

According to the store, this model provides "an exceptionally detailed mesh and high-resolution textures, capturing sub-pore level details visible in both texture and geometry." The included ZBrush files allow further customization, offering versatility for various character design needs.

With the inclusion of a real-time Marmoset Toolbag 4 scene, Ten24's work not only highlights the potential for hyper-realistic character design but also sets a new benchmark for the industry in achieving photorealistic human likenesses in digital media.

"HD Male 3D Head Model 19" by 3D Scan Store

See more of Ten24's awesome work by following them on X and check out 3D Scan Store if you're in need of any hyper-realistic assets.

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