G Fuel reportedly fired five employees following complaint against CEO

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G Fuel reportedly fired five employees following complaint against CEO
G Fuel

Energy drink brand G Fuel allegedly fired five employees after they filed an HR complaint against the CEO, as per a Digiday report.

The report: There are allegations of "abusive management, nepotistic hiring practices and inappropriate conduct."

  • G Fuel reportedly fired five of its talent managers just one day after they filed a complaint to HR regarding Founder and CEO Cliff Morgan, who allegedly used offensive language in a meeting.
  • As per 11 sources, who are either current or former employees of the company, there has been a slew of inappropriate behavior from management. This includes a video call where Morgan blamed the talent management team for a decline in sales, labeling former managers as "lazy motherfuckers" and then-existing managers as "retards".
  • Morgan allegedly ended the call by promising that nobody would be laid off, though the next day seven talent managers were fired — including the five that filed a complaint with HR.
  • Digiday noted that G Fuel representative Mark Botnick responded by saying that the "lazy motherfuckers" comment was not aimed at anybody specifically and that the employees were terminated due to a "lack of performance."

Further allegations: One claim involves a top executive flashing a buttock while in a meeting.

  • The report also states that 75 partnered creators have cut ties with the energy drink company in two months since the firings took place. These terminations were made as a stand against how the company had treated employees, according to Digiday.
  • Another claim in the report is that an unnamed C-suite executive was in a shower while present on a company video call, allegedly flashing his backside to those in attendance by accident.
  • There are also claims of nepotism made by the former staffers, claiming that it was hard to approach management with any issues as Morgan's wife and daughter work for the company in customer service roles.
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