Enter the Star Wars universe with this VR demo

by Rachel Lyon  · 
Enter the Star Wars universe with this VR demo

Online modding community Flat2VR has created a Star Wars game demonstration using the NVIDIA Reflections RTX Tech Demo and Praydog's upcoming Unreal Engine VR Injector Mod.

With the combination of Unreal Engine Ray Tracing and an ultra high-res 6DOF VR, the possibilities for the future of this software and game development are endless. This Star Wars demostration is the perfect example for gaming and movie fans alike with the growth and progress being made in the VR space.

The demo showcases how the real-time ray tracing can take gaming experiences to the next level by creating a lifelike and realistic environment, and we're excited to see what other combination of software and mods the game dev community comes up with!

You can find more of Praydog's work, including the VR support, on their github here.

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