ENENRA: A third person, hack and slash game set in future Japan

by Rachel Lyon  · 
ENENRA: A third person, hack and slash game set in future Japan

The world of indie gaming is a realm where innovation and creativity thrive, offering players unique experiences that can leave a lasting impact. One such title that has recently emerged from the depths of obscurity is ENENRA, an atmospheric journey into a futuristic Japan cloaked in shadows and enigma. Developed by a talented individual, Zahid Ali Jeelani, ENENRA combines stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and an intriguing narrative to deliver an unforgettable adventure.

ENENRA, named after a mythical creature from Japanese folklore, beckons players into a realm where darkness and light intertwine. The fluidity of the movement in the game is significant to the origins of the yokai it is named after as it is most often represented as a demon or divine being of smoke and darkness.

The dynamic and free-flow multi-target combat system used in ENENRA satisfying in its own right, but further amplified by the use of time manipulation. You can move between positions in the blink of an eye by using your teleport ability, slow down or freeze enemies with your Stasis Swords, and even slow down time itself.

ENENRA is a testament to what a solo developer can achieve! Follow the game's progress on its Twitter, follow the developer themselves on their personal Twitter, and find more about the game on its Steam page.

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