CRISPR: A Soulslike Survival Horror Game Inspired by Resident Evil and Aliens

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CRISPR: A Soulslike Survival Horror Game Inspired by Resident Evil and Aliens

A solo game developer named Clinton is currently developing a new survival horror game titled "CRISPR." This game is being created using Unreal Engine 5, and it aims to combine elements of survival gameplay with Sci-Fi horror.

Drawing inspiration from iconic titles like Resident Evil and Dead Space, as well as classic Sci-Fi horror movies like Aliens, "CRISPR" takes players on a journey through a nightmarish underground facility. Players assume the role of John, a war veteran entrusted with the perilous task of retrieving vital samples from the facility. What initially appears to be a straightforward mission quickly transforms into a desperate struggle for survival.

At the heart of CRISPR lies an imaginative premise rooted in real-world gene editing technology known as CRISPR Cas9. The game delves into the potential consequences when unchecked scientific advancement spirals out of control. As players navigate through the eerie corridors and dimly lit chambers of the facility, they must confront mutated monstrosities and confront the terrifying aftermath of scientific experimentation gone awry.

Developer Clinton has been transparent about the game's development progress, regularly sharing updates on YouTube. Their dedication to detail is evident, with a focus on enhancing AI, gameplay smoothness, and immersive mechanics. The incorporation of a cover system, sliding mechanic, and dynamic door interactions aims to elevate the player's engagement, delivering tense encounters and strategic decision-making reminiscent of titles like The Last Of Us.

One notable feature of CRISPR is the dynamic storytelling through visuals and atmosphere. The addition of volumetric lighting, atmospheric effects, and meticulously placed dead bodies further immerses players into the eerie narrative. Clinton's ambition to create an environment akin to classic horror movies and modern narrative-driven games seems promising.

The developer's commitment to realism shines through, exemplified by the inclusion of accidental civilian casualties due to player actions. This element adds a layer of consequence and urgency, urging players to carefully consider their choices in the midst of chaos.

You can follow developments of the game on Discord and YouTube.

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