Apple removes its App Store ban on game emulators

by Danny Craig  · 
Apple removes its App Store ban on game emulators

Apple has announced that game emulators will now be allowed on the App Store, with developers responsible for ensuring that their apps do not violate copyright laws.

The details:

  • In an update posted on Friday, Apple confirmed that the long-standing ban on video game emulators has been lifted, and they can now be distributed on the App Store. Developers can now create retro emulators for iOS, and games can be sold directly through the apps.

  • Emulators have been at the center of a piracy and copyright debate for years, as the software itself is typically legal, but many players choose to illegally download the games they play. Apple has made it clear that, while emulators are permitted on the App Store, developers must ensure that their software "complies with these Guidelines and all applicable laws."

  • The reason for the change has not been confirmed, but it is believed to be related to Apple's recent antitrust lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice, as well as the EU's decision to allow third-party app stores on Apple's devices.

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