Akhil Alukkaran showcases photorealistic 3D Blender render of a miniature car in a forest

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Akhil Alukkaran showcases photorealistic 3D Blender render of a miniature car in a forest
"TINY ADVENTURE" by Akhil Alukkaran

Akhil Alukkaran, an architect and CG artist from Wayanad, India, has caught our attention with their photorealistic cozy Blender render titled "TINY ADVENTURE."

The captivating scene showcases a meticulously detailed miniature car model adorned with water droplets, set amidst a lush forest backdrop.

The intricate environment for the render was created in Blender, employing Geo-Scatter - a renowned scattering plug-in for the software, and the tools provided by Graswald, known for their high-quality nature assets.

The car model itself, which brings the scene to life with its realism, was crafted by RCC Design.

Alukkaran's expertise in both architecture and CG artistry is evident in the depth and authenticity of the render. Their work often aims to push the boundaries of creativity and technical skill, a goal clearly achieved with TINY ADVENTURE.

Their skills extend across a range of areas including concept art, environment design, 3D visualization, and architectural visualization and they often use software tools such as After Effects, Blender, Illustrator, Photoshop, SketchUp, Unreal Engine, and V-Ray.

"TINY ADVENTURE" by Akhil Alukkaran

With TINY ADVENTURE, Alukkaran not only exhibits their talent in creating visually stunning CG artwork but also their ability to blend architectural understanding with digital artistry.

This render stands as a testament to the possibilities within digital art, combining technical software mastery with an eye for natural beauty and detail.

You can see all of Akhil's previous work on ArtStation, there's some magical stuff there.

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