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Work From Anywhere

You will: Streamline processes, enhance the CRM, analyze customer data and train teams.

Must have: HubSpot certification and expertise; proven success teaching others.

Who We Are | What We Do

At Yodo1, we simplify mobile game growth.

With billions of downloads across our portfolio, Yodo1 is a partner for mobile game growth at every stage—from helping developers monetize their first game to bringing iconic brands into major mobile titles.

Taking over a decade of experience publishing and growing games like Crossy Road, Rodeo Stampede, and Ski Safari into global hits, we provide products and services that range from helping new arrivals to the app store optimize ad revenue, driving a 50x player increase for games such as Animal Revolt Battle Simulator, and bringing iconic IP from companies like Hasbro, Paramount, Legendary, and MGA to globally-recognized studios the likes of Rivergame, Candivore, 37Games, and more.

We love games, we play games, we grow games.

What We Believe | How We Work

We believe in the future and power of the mobile gaming industry and that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to build a life they love through games.

We believe you know when and where you do your best work. We are fully remote by design and we WFA: Work From Anywhere. We don’t impose hours or limit time off.

We are driven by performance and we experiment often. We care about impact, not titles.

Who We’re Looking For

We’re seeking a Hubspot CRM Specialist to own and optimize HubSpot. You will streamline processes, enhance the CRM, analyze data and train teams to use the CRM effectively.

You are:

  • Focused on impact. You understand the 80/20 rule and focus on activities that matter.

  • Performance-driven and growth-oriented. You have an intrinsic will to succeed while unafraid to try, fail, and learn by experimenting with new approaches and testing ideas.

  • Cooperative. You help others succeed; you give and receive feedback well.

  • Relentlessly curious. You ask questions.

  • Humble. You ask for help; you are quick to admit and learn from your mistakes.

  • SMART. You work and communicate in ways that are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

What We Expect

You will:

  • Collaborate closely with sales and marketing leaders to identify opportunities for enhancing the CRM platform and integrated systems.

  • Develop and improve customizations, optimizations, and best practices for an enhanced customer experience.

  • Analyze customer data, identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to increase sales based on gathered insights.

  • Leverage existing customer data to identify new target audiences

  • Provide comprehensive training to sales, marketing, and customer service teams on CRM software.

  • Lead the development and refinement of CRM procedures, training, processes, and implementation.

  • Establish a set of universal customer relationship procedures and ensure their implementation at every level of the company.

You must have:

  • HubSpot Systems Administrators certification

  • Proven success with HubSpot dashboard creation, training, and day-to-day support for sales and marketing teams.

  • Experience training others to effectively use various tools and software accounts.

  • Expertise in developing and reshaping CRM procedures, training programs, processes, and implementation strategies.

  • Proven analytical skills aimed at assessing customer journeys.

You might have:

  • A background or familiarity with the mobile gaming industry.

  • Experience managing Microsoft accounts

  • Experience working with and teaching colleagues whose native language is not English.

What We Offer

Compensation. We pay based on qualifications, experience, and fit for the role. We provide an allowance to purchase your own device or equipment and offer variable compensation through our annual bonus program.

Growth. We offer an environment where you will have the trust and freedom to try, fail, learn fast, and make a real impact while accelerating your career, and where anyone with a great idea can pitch it directly to our management team.

WFA. Work from anywhere in the world, travel when and where you like, get paid in your currency of choice, and enjoy flexible hours and unlimited paid time off.

Community. Work with an energetic, fast-learning, supportive, and diverse team of Yodies across six continents and 30+ countries who share and support new ideas and get things done.

Ready to change the game for mobile game developers and build your career from anywhere?