This job listing expired on May 3, 2024

Tavernlight Games, the studio behind the MMORPG, is currently seeking talented individuals to join our team. Opportunities are available for both Junior and Senior c++ Developers. Prospective candidates should note that selection for these roles will be contingent upon the outcomes of a shortlisted technical evaluation process.

Technical Requirements Fluent in C++, Fluent in Lua is a huge plus, but not required as it can be learned quite easily. Fluent in English (Native English is not a requirement, but you should have no problem typing and speaking in English).

Personal Requirements

You are eager to learn and improve - Growth is very important to our team. Mistakes happen all the time and are totally fine, as long as you make a serious effort to learn from your mistakes, especially when a lead takes the time to point out a mistake you made or recommend a better way something could be done.

Team Oriented - We have a strong and great team environment. This is extremely important to us and something we will work very hard to protect. It’s important anyone we bring in is willing to adapt and remain positive in sometimes stressful situations.

Listen well to project managers & leads - We have extremely knowledgeable leads on our team with a massive amount of experience. While you may disagree at times (and please feel free to voice that to me) in the end of the day you do need to do what they request.

Punctual and respectful - Timeliness is important to our team. Being frequently late for meetings is a huge sign of disrespect to the other team members. While being late here and there can happen, it should not be a common habit.