This job listing expired on Jan 10, 2024


Rare is an Xbox Game Studio creating the kind of games the world doesn’t have. Our values – explorers, evolving, together – are fundamental to the games we make and how we make them. Rare offers rewarding and fulfilling careers for exceptional people, supporting you to learn and grow. Our studio is a welcoming campus in the heart of the Midlands, where the majority of our team work in a flexible hybrid work pattern.

Please be aware that this role will be based at Rare Studio, Twycross, Leicestershire and the successful applicant will be required to work on-site to get the best out of the 12-month internship.


Role Purpose

As an Audio Intern within the Audio team at Rare, you’ll be responsible for delivering beautiful and captivating audio experiences to our players. You’ll contribute to a 35-year history of delivering aurally stunning games, using cutting-edge techniques to solve problems, and showing your own inventiveness to tackle challenges that have not yet been solved in the industry. 

Audio Interns can expect to interact with almost every aspect of game production. This role is about marrying audio and technology in unique, creative ways. Audio Interns could find themselves working with Engineers on implementation of gameplay features, Environment Artists on tasks requiring high-quality environment audio, or even with Game Designers creating sounds to help the player’s understanding of gameplay mechanics.

The desire to learn, fit into a team environment, and positively increase the quality of our games as a whole is a must – everybody on the team gets their hands dirty in all areas of game production! It’s all about the individual’s strengths and passions. Whether it’s creating audio assets, blueprints to trigger beautiful sounds, or something else that we’ve never seen before, we want audio folk who will bring their own unique views and ideas to the project and the drive to innovate in their areas of interest.

We’re big believers in high-quality audio here at Rare, and since we’re developing our products as services, we aim for fast iteration using common methods. This means that we embrace modern development practices such as continuous delivery, automated testing, team art reviews, and agile methods.

Key Accountabilities

  • Identify, implement, and iterate on game features and pipeline requirements, in conjunction with the Audio team, Artists, Designers, Engineers and Testers.

  • Solve problems through the application of sound common sense.

  • Continuously work to minimise technical debt, and audio quality debt and rework.

  • Devote time to personal improvement to further your own game development, audio, and technical knowledge.


Required Experience and Capabilities

  • Experience of producing audio and a passion for the technology of state-of-the-art audio authoring techniques.

  • A solid grounding in core audio foundation, genuine enthusiasm for sonics, and current as well as future audio creation techniques.

  • A portfolio or technical blog demonstrating your ability in audio/music and/or implementation.

  • A good understanding with Audio DAWs (e.g., Reaper, Pro-Tools, Audition). 

  • A good understanding with Audio Middleware (e.g., Wwise/FMOD).

It is not essential to have experience in computer games development or to be on a games-specific course.

Desirable Experience

None of these are essential but the more the better: 

  • Proficiency with Audio DAWs (e.g., Reaper, Pro-Tools, Audition). 

  • Proficiency with Audio Middleware (e.g., Wwise/FMOD).

  • Proficiency with off-the-shelf engines/editors (e.g., Unreal, Unity). 

  • Good ear for making high quality sounds. 

  • A deep understanding of how audio for games is authored and implemented, and how this differs from linear media.

  • Audio interests outside those prescribed by a university course (e.g., personal portfolio, online competitions, independent game projects, involvement in a modding community). 

  • Recording experience, including knowledge of microphone selection and placement.

  • Understanding of workflow of getting sounds to trigger in modern game engines. 

  • Experience of any of the areas of game development mentioned in this job description.

How to Apply

Please include a copy of your CV with a cover letter and portfolio. We realise that your portfolio may be a work in progress and that’s fine, it’s your potential that will catch our eye. Here are some things you can do to help your portfolio stand out:

  • Include things you are genuinely proud of – this is your chance to show off so please make the content easily accessible.

  • Demonstrates why you want to work for our team at Rare. We’re a creative lot so it doesn’t have to be a letter, it could be a video, comic, or even a game!