Odyssey Interactive is a new game studio that just launched it's first title "Omega Strikers" an anime inspired fusion of several well known genres to create something new. We're a small team, and we intend to stay that way as we expand across multiple games, but we aim to have those games share similar identities and utilize the IP and world that we're building.

If you've got a hunger for having a larger individual impact than you're used to having, or if working on small teams is your jam, than Odyssey might be a great place for you! You'll work alongside world class artists who've created characters and environments in some of the world's most successful games, and get to lean into stylized worlds like you've maybe never had the chance to before!

Job Description

  • Have a solid understanding of character building; able to design exciting new themes for characters that explore different thematics for our players to love.

  • Keep consistent artistic style and meet project requirements at the same time;

  • Combine users' perspective and actual situational requirements to produce or adjust the design;

  • Independently produce character skin designs and related assets according to the process of character concept art;

  • Guarantee the quality of character performance in subsequent processes;

  • Able to continuously learn and improve retrospectively.


  • Solid aesthetics and strong adaptability. Understand fashion trends, have a good sense of material matching, strong proficiency at shaping and designing characters are preferred;

  • An in-depth understanding of user needs.

  • Strong learning ability, high degree of initiative, sense of responsibility, teamwork, and good communication skills.

  • Profound knowledge of humanities, such as movies, animation, games, countries, and folklore.

  • Passion for games.

Additional Information


  • Comprehensive health benefits.

  • Unlimited paid-time-off policy with 2 week minimum enforced by the company as well as a week off between Christmas and New Years.

  • Stock options in an early stage startup as well as competitive salaries

  • Comprehensive relocation or immigration assistance should you choose to join the team in Canada.