Founded in 2023, Millions of Monsters is all about game design innovation. We’re inspired by games that raise the bar on gameplay, and we’re wiring ourselves to be able to quickly discover innovative game ideas and successfully bring them to market. We’re fully funded by all-star investors. Our team is highly passionate & enjoys working hard on games that inspire us!

Our first game is an innovative cross-platform PvP strategy game inspired by classic chess and other modern strategy games (e.g., RTS, MOBA, tactics) and it has shown very positive results in early community playtesting. We're now searching for a level designer to help us create great maps for the game

What you will achieve

  • Explore level designs that fit the overall gameplay vision and that align with principles of a strong PvP game (e.g., balance, fairness, unique gameplay stories, strategic variety) including flows of players through maps, distribution of collectibles, etc.
  • Synthesize major learnings from trying different level designs and codify them into an evolving "level design bible" -- our game is highly innovative and will require discovery of new principles
  • Work closely with systems/combat designer to ensure overall gameplay fit
  • Work closely with gameplay engineers on tooling to help them improve pipelines
  • Work closely with artists to create space for worldbuilding


  • Professional experience as a level designer for PvP games (preferably PC strategy)
  • Thoughtful perspectives on level design in major PC/console PvP games in general (e.g., why are the main maps in League of Legends, StarCraft, Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Fortnite the way they are)
  • Enjoy a lot of independence, freedom to discover, responsibility, and rolling your sleeves up and getting really into the nitty-gritty (including excitement about tooling that is not currently super user friendly)


  • Negotiable hourly rate based on your experience
  • Negotiable number of hours (currently thinking 10-20 hours per week) with flexible timing
  • Remote work