This job listing expired on Apr 18, 2020

Double Fine Productions is currently looking for a Game Scripter for its San Francisco development studio for the Psychonauts 2 team. The primary job responsibility is to implement the amazing writing and story moments into the game. Psychonauts is a brand known for its exceptional narrative, and we are looking for someone who can support the designers to ensure that Tim Schafer’s vision is executed perfectly.
Knowledge or experience with the Unreal Engine is required. Good problem solving skills, the ability to work well with others, and a passion for the process of developing creative, high-quality games are all key qualifications.
Double Fine is an inclusive company. We believe that a diverse team leads to the best games. To help us increase the diversity of our team, we like to specifically encourage folks from underrepresented groups to apply.

  • Work closely with designers, artists, animators and programmers to integrate narrative content into production levels.
  • Review narrative elements in context, independently, with the owner of the level and the larger team.
  • Participate in meetings and dailies.
  • Address feedback and fix bugs.
  • Give feedback on tools and pipelines for improvement.
  • Organize and track the implementation status of content.
  • Provide designers with additional support.

Basic Qualifications:

  • A keen eye for detail.
  • General Unreal Engine 4 Experience.
  • Interactive Storytelling Experience.
  • Located in the Bay Area, and able to work on site.
  • Authorized to work in the US.
  • Strong scripting experience, eg Unreal Blueprint, Lua, or other scripting systems.
  • Independent, self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills.
  • Solid understanding of the pacing and flow that includes narrative, puzzles, and exploration.
  • Experience creating a variety of logic for game objects, triggers, scripted events, and dialog.

Bonus Points:

  • A love of games and story.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Experience with data organization.
  • Experience with task tracking systems and scrum/agile.
  • Experience doing gameplay design on a released game, or student projects.
  • A portfolio that demonstrates process and capabilities in crafting compelling game moments.