This job listing expired on Jul 12, 2024

We're looking for an experienced Head of Marketing to build compelling strategies for Empire’s social media channels and beyond.

We're also hiring for multiple roles within this domain, aiming to create a robust and highly skilled marketing team that can cover all bases.

There’s no box you need to fit into—tailor your application to showcase your unique strengths. We're particularly focused on Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and YouTube as well as advanced strategies in email marketing, influencer management, sponsorships, etc.

A deep understanding of the CSGO and crypto gambling scenes is essential.

As Head of Marketing:

  • You'll design and implement content strategies across various dimensions, requiring excellent multitasking skills;
  • You must possess in-depth internet knowledge, understanding different forms of social media, how engagement works, meme culture, and what makes a post effective;
  • Develop a deep understanding of Empire’s core selling points—what sets us apart from the competition—and identify areas where we can improve our messaging.
  • You'll create and execute campaigns to communicate these advantages effectively to the CSGO community. For example, we offer the best zero-fee CSGO trading platform with the best liquidity, but this isn't widely known yet!

We welcome applications from marketing experts with varying degrees of social media strategy experience. Apply for the title that best matches your skills.

How to Apply

Include comprehensive information about your history with social media management and the platforms you have worked with. Don’t be corporate—we value raw honesty. Show us the true you.