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Cosmic Games

Gameplay Design Director

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Cosmic Games
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Cosmic Games

Gameplay Design Director

As a Gameplay Design Director at Cosmic Games ULC you will be primarily responsible for:

  1. Designing, Scheduling, and Presenting weekly and monthly content updates to the Technical Leads for integration into production multiplayer game environments.
  2. Collaborating with community managers to problem solve issues involving the balance of in-game economies, combat, and general player progression.
  3. Creating and Maintaining an aggressively realistic monthly and weekly content schedule.

Specifically, we are searching for a highly passionate, motivated, organized, experienced individual to fill an organizational and statistical void currently maintained by our Lead Technical Designer - we need an individual experienced in the β€œfull stack” of the creative and analytical side of multiplayer game system design.

Example Problem #1

β€œGame A” has recently had a major gameplay expansion released on it, but concurrent player counts have been consistently decreasing for the immediate 2 weeks following the release. How would you isolate and/or debug this issue?

Example Problem #2

The community manager of β€œGame B” approaches you with feedback collected from prominent players claiming that β€œWeapon X” is overturned and needs to be nerfed. How would you proceed?

Example Problem #3

β€œGame C” has equal unique daily IP connections as β€œGame D”, but β€œGame C” averages almost twice the concurrent player count of β€œGame D”. How would you determine why β€œGame D” is underperforming?

Example Problem #4

An old major content update released on β€œGame E” that used to be extremely popular now sees barely any usage. What steps would you take to revitalize this piece of game content that involves only minimal/minor technical work?

Example Problem #5

You have no player or game statistical feedback about β€œGame F”, an online multiplayer game, but are tasked with designing a monthly update spreadsheet for it. What immediate data/analytics would you request to ensure a well received update? (limit of 10 vectors)

Example Problem #6

A recent major update you designed and oversaw the integration of in an online multiplayer game has received an overwhelming negative response from the community. What is your immediate reaction, as well as a long term plan to address the negativity towards the update?