The team is seeking a talented Senior Software Engineer to contribute to the Bethesda Softworks Digital Publishing Platform. This role focuses on working with a small team of engineers developing cheat detection and prevention technology to help protect and enhance our player experience.

This role is responsible for building and productizing anti-cheat technology for use by existing and future Bethesda Softworks games. Working closely with Security and AppSec SMEs, the product will evolve over time as new exploits are identified and countermeasures are devised. Client-side libraries are written primarily in C/C++ and require extensive understanding of Windows OS fundamentals, reverse engineering techniques, common attack patterns, and methods of prevention. Server-side tools are written using modern cloud and web tech stacks and focus on the administration of games and the investigation of threats.

We are always exploring ways to improve our scale, reliability, and efficiency. Engineers are expected to learn and support new technologies, as well as propose new solutions that solve observed problems.


  • Work with a team of engineers to build and maintain an internally developed anti-cheat tool to support Bethesda Softworks games
  • Work with Security and AppSec Engineers to identify new attack vectors and techniques to protect against them
  • Work with our game development studios to identify and integrate anti-cheat features that are appropriate for their games’ needs
  • Keep up with security trends in the video game industry and in the technology sector in general
  • Provide thorough code and design reviews and feedback for other developers
  • Participate in the testing process through unit tests, integration tests, functional tests, test reviews
  • Document systems thoroughly, both in terms of technical design and integration patterns
  • Provide ongoing support for existing games and applications
  • Coach and mentor engineers
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years software engineering experience including some application security experience
  • Possess a strong technical background and deep knowledge of software engineering principles, exceptional problem solving, design, programming, and testing skills
  • Extensive modern C/C++ experience from C++14 onwards
  • Extensive disassembler and low-level debugging experience (e.g., IDA Pro, Ghidra)
  • Strong understanding both reading and writing x86/64 assembly language
  • Strong understanding of Windows OS internals and kernel-level driver development
  • Strong understanding of cryptographic techniques and practical usage
  • Comfortable with static and dynamic reverse engineering techniques
  • Understanding of gaming and common cheating techniques and security risks

Preferred Skills

  • Experience working in multiple OS environments (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android)
  • Experience with build system implementation using Make/ CMake
  • Familiarity with full stack technologies (JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Go, SQL and NoSQL DBs)
  • Familiarity with cloud platforms (Azure, AWS)
  • Experience working in the games industry