This job listing expired on Jun 2, 2023

The Job

You are a Staking Analyst at 1v1Me. It’s your job to create content and give the community advice on who to stake on and provide them with why. It’s also your job to create general entertainment content around winning and losing on 1v1Me.

You can find more about what staking is on our website:

Who You Are

  • You love games like Madden, NBA 2K, Call of Duty, and others

  • You have strong knowledge around sports betting / esports / esports betting

  • You are entertaining, funny and creative

The Application Process

Imagine it’s day 1 on the job at 1v1Me.

This is how we will consider you for the job:

  1. Create 2 pieces of video content optimized for TikTok.

  2. Email us [email protected].

Bonus points if you actually post it to TikTok (you can tag @1v1Me if you do)

Any other form of applying for this job will not get you the job and your application will be ignored. Attention to detail is needed. Saying you “hustle” is not enough, we need to see that you can produce.

Examples We Love

Here are some examples we love for content that revolves mainly around sports betting from other analysts that you can reference as inspiration.