SafetyWing Disclosure

Hitmarker LTD is not an insurance intermediary or insurance producer/agent. Hitmarker LTD may receive compensation for various items, including marketing, technology, and/or referrals in connection with insurance products displayed, including SafetyWing Remote Health.

The SafetyWing link will direct you to an external site which is not affiliated with Hitmarker LTD. Some non-affiliated third-party programs may not run due to any browser requirements. The personal information protection policies and terms of use of the respective sites will apply. Hitmarker LTD does not provide any personal information of its customers to SafetyWing [except de-identified data]. Any purchase of a SafetyWing Remote Health coverage, if any, would occur on the external site and be between you (the customer) and the insurer. Hitmarker LTD is not an insurance intermediary or insurance producer/agent and does not provide any advice on any insurance marketed or referred by Hitmarker LTD.

Any and all questions concerning SafetyWing Remote Health should be directed as specified by accessing the external site through the SafetyWing link.

SafetyWing Remote Health is offered as individual or group remote international health insurance coverage by SafetyWing Limited, a registered Turks & Caicos Islands, British Overseas Territory, Company Number TC050364 and is underwritten by VUMI Group I.I., a Puerto Rico domiciled international insurer, and administered by VIP Administration Services, LLC.

SafetyWing Remote Health is an international health plan that is not subject to regulations and/or mandatory coverage required by the laws of a person’s country of residence; is not available to persons residents of or incorporated in the US; may not be available in other jurisdictions; and is otherwise subject to other eligibility requirements. For specific policy terms, conditions, exclusions, limitations, and eligibility requirements, please refer to the applicable individual or group policies. No coverage issued by VUMI is protected by any guarantee or insolvency fund in Puerto Rico.