This job listing expired on Jan 16, 2024

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Based in Osaka, Japan, the studio formerly known as Digital Kids was acquired by Ubisoft in 2008. Since then, the studio has accumulated extensive development experience across console, handheld, and mobile platforms. Ubisoft Osaka developed "South Park™ The Fractured But Whole™" in collaboration with Ubisoft's San Francisco studio, and now produces AAA-level titles such as "Rocksmith+" and " XDefiant". In the future, the company plans to leverage its close working relationship with Ubisoft San Francisco to expand the size of the studio while focusing on the development of further AAA projects.

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Job Description

Ubisoft Entertainment, a global leader in the video games and entertainment software industry, is currently seeking a Keyboard Transcriptionist. We are looking for a talented, motivated and experienced person to help establish and grow the future of an innovative music game. Qualified individuals are expected to be organized, with excellent communication skills, and have substantial experience in piano education, transcription, and performance.

We favor diversity, creativity, drive, and team spirit. If you’ve got the skills and the desire to succeed, we want you to be a part of this exciting new team.

JOB TITLE: Keyboard Transcriptionist


  • Produce accurate note-for-note transcriptions of keyboard instruments (piano, organ, synth), with precise notation for all notes, chords, rhythms, articulations, and pedal markings

  • Review musical transcriptions with thoughtfulness and attention to detail

  • Check audio mixes, piano tones, and progression/level development for QA purposes

  • Work periodically with QA to ensure reported bugs / issues are relevant to design requirements

  • Review Chord Chart arrangements for existing songs with thoughtfulness and attention to detail

  • Assist in the moderation of community-submitted musical arrangements



  • Advanced understanding of piano/keyboard in multiple musical genres, including classical, pop/rock, and jazz

  • Comprehensive understanding of music theory

  • Broad range of listening skills, including absolute and relative pitch, chord knowledge, and rhythm skills

  • Work efficiently with a high attention to detail

  • Experience with DAWs (e.g. Reaper, Logic), music notation software (e.g. MuseScore, Finale, Sibelius), and MIDI is a necessity


  • Music education degree

  • Multi-instrumentalist, guitarist, bassist, vocalist