This job listing expired on Jun 12, 2024

Creating dynamic, visually stunning games is a top priority at Ubisoft Montreal. Game animation plays an important role in the visual experience. As a studio with more than 4,000 employees, Ubisoft Montreal is always looking to innovate and give our players the best visual representation.

Job Description

As an animation programmer, you will be part of a character animation tools development team in the Content Creation Technology Group (CCTG). You’ll design and create innovative animation IK solutions in collaboration with game productions. You'll be responsible for building systems and tools that will help your colleagues create fun, impressive, and engaging worlds that are reactive and alive while meeting the highest quality standards. Your solutions will efficiently make characters move and interact realistically with their environment.

What you'll do :

  • Work with different animation and programming teams to understand their game animation needs, constraints, and intentions to design adapted and reusable solutions.

  • Analyze existing animation features to properly understand technological limits and know what the engine can produce.

  • Build procedural IK animation systems that will be the basis for creating a living, dynamic world.

  • Maintain IK animation systems unique to Ubisoft and optimize their capabilities for new projects.

  • Program in a clear and structured manner in keeping with performance, memory, maintenance, compatibility, and portability requirements.

  • Combine the technical and artistic sides of game design and program the animation systems that will make for the best visual representation.

  • Research and develop new animation techniques (ex. procedural, physics, etc.).

  • Monitor the evolution of animation techniques and share your knowledge with various cross-functional teams across Ubisoft.


What you bring :

  • C++ experience and Visual Studio knowledge

  • Strong 3D math skills

  • Experience with animation techniques such as rigging, state machines, physics ragdolls, inverse kinematics (IK), etc.

  • Experience in DCC tools and in the animation field to understand programming tools and how to improve them

  • A degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering (or related training)

  • A good eye for detail to find even the smallest flaws in the system and optimize them

What to send our way :

  • Your CV highlighting your education, experience, skills, and any games shipped

  • Samples of your work (attach files or send us a link to your personal website or online portfolio)