This job listing expired on Nov 25, 2022

We are seeking dynamic and experienced Game Designers who have been involved creating amazing and challenging gaming experiences. We envision an inclusive and diverse team with different levels of seniority. This team will share our passion for developing interesting, fun and inspiring game features that make the game flow. The successful candidates will work together with different departments such as Art and Code to develop memorable games.

We are based in Madrid and have the option of working at the studio and/or remotely.


  • Develop innovative and creative design ideas based on the creative vision to specific titles.

  • Complete thorough documentation for all assigned features.

  • Help determine project design specifications and ensure successful product execution.

  • Work in a cross-discipline team to execute the best possible results.

  • Ensure that the final product quality meets the high expectations.

  • Create an amazing gameplay experience with the core game mechanics and the creative vision of the game.

  • Provide creative and constructive criticism to refine the game and improve game concepts.

  • Evangelize, present, and communicate design status of owned projects to the larger Tequila Works organization and Senior Management Team.

Qualifications / Skills:

  • At least 3 years of experience working in video game industry.

  • Experience with the whole cycle of development from concept to release is a must.

  • A working knowledge of standard industry game engines. Experience with Unreal Engine and Blueprints would be a plus.

  • A working knowledge of design toolsets and production pipelines

  • Knowledge of game systems and balance design.

  • Knowledge of at least one industry-standard analytics tool (Leanplum, DeltaDNA, Unity Analytics, etc.)

  • Have a flexible, creative and open-minded approach to problem solving.

  • Ability to think logically with a strong level of attention to detail.

  • Self-critical spirit and excellent communication and team-work skills.