Streamline is a creative development studio specializing in full video game development, interactive digital assets, and metaverse creation. Our reputation is we provide experienced professionals to help bring the most demanding projects from concept all the way through production with our technical knowledge of established industry standards for high-performance results along every step. And that means when you come to work at Streamline, expect to be challenged like you’ve never been challenged before.

We are a games company, a creative company, and people who work fast under pressure—a productive attitude is critical to a high-functioning team. Our goal is to keep the process straightforward.

Streamline Values

  • Discipline Doing what needs to be done – without being told

  • Communication Double-triple checking information, tasks, project state

  • Responsibility Delivering work on-time, on-budget, at quality, without having to rework it

  • Accountability Accepting/learning from failures without blaming others

  • Mastery Putting in the effort to work, grow, & become the best we can be


The Jr. Games QA will work closely with QA Department to ensure they meet their goals.

Testing inhouse and external titles and applications, the QA tester will need a good eye for detail to spot issues, possess the skills to investigate them and clearly report this via verbal and written bug reports. They have good understanding of Game design and is familiar with different genres of games.

Key Accountabilities


  • Bug Reporting

    • Able to isolate bugs observed during Testing on their own and can clearly right it into QA format using JIRA or other tools.

    • Bug Report should have 80% accuracy.

  • Test executions

    • Should perform Test executions for all Test suites assigned on title with accuracy ranging from 80%-90%

  • Documentation

    • Can write documentations of basic changelogs and feature testing using MS Office tools or Confluence

Key Competencies


  • Test Methodologies expertise

    • Should possess basic knowledge of Test life cycle and test methodologies used in testing.

  • Platform knowledge

    • Should have basic knowledge on platform operations like – PlayStation front end interface or Xbox interface or Nintendo Switch interface.

  • Communications

    • Should be able to maintain effective communication between Team members and with production team members.

  • Writing and reading skill

    • Should have good command on English language to write effective bug reports and communicate in English.

  • Game Engine experience

    • Should be able to run package on Unreal engine or unity engine and perform basic operations like log capturing, debug operations, placement changes etc